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6 Go-To Techniques to Master AI's Hidden Language: My Playbook for Winning the AI Chat Game

Unlock effortless conversations with AI using these 6 prompt engineering techniques. Master the hidden language of bots!

Matan Abramovich
Matan Abramovich
October 16, 2023
Matan Abramovich

Have you ever tried asking Siri to recommend a good takeout place, only to get a list of web search results? Or perhaps you eagerly queried ChatGPT about the latest AI advancements, but got an incoherent mess of text back. I've been there too! That was me before discovering the art of prompt engineering.


Imagine how much easier life would be if Siri could actually hold a conversation and make personalized recommendations. Or if ChatGPT could engage intelligently on niche topics. Prompt skills let you make that AI dream a reality!

Why This Should Be On Your Radar

Here are 3 big benefits I've experienced:

  • More productive workflows. Now I can get ChatGPT to generate great content fast with the right prompts.
  • Improved home life. My new prompt-savvy smart speaker actually gives me solid advice now like a virtual buddy!
  • Next-level tech skills. I've become the AI whisperer among my friends. Talk about street cred!

The Secret Sauce: 6 Go-To Prompt Engineering Techniques

Through much trial and error, I've identified 6 techniques that transform my AI conversations:

1. Chain-of-Thought Prompting

How It Works: Break down complex instructions into easy step-by-steps.

Real-World Example: Cooking bots serve up way better recipes when I prompt them to lay out each step individually. No more massive, confusing blocks of text!

Sample Prompts:

  • "Walk me through baking chocolate chip cookies from start to finish in simple, clear steps"
  • "Explain how to change a bike tire one step at a time"

2. Generated Knowledge Prompting

How It Works:_ Give bots background info to complete tasks.

Real-World Example: Now my travel assistant tells me cool historical facts about landmarks before discussing them. Almost like having a tour guide!

Sample Prompts:

  • "Give a 2-3 sentence intro to Picasso before analyzing his paintings"
  • "Provide context about D-Day before explaining the events"

3. Least-to-Most Prompting

How It Works: Start with simple aspects before complex ones.

Real-World Example: For recipes, I list ingredients/tools first so the instructions make more sense.

Sample Prompts:

  • "List ingredients and tools for chocolate chip cookies, then give step-by-steps"
  • "Give 3 plot points in Romeo and Juliet before summarizing the full story"

4. Self-Consistency Decoding

How It Works: Generate multiple responses and pick the best.

Real-World Example: Now translations sound much more legit in any language!

Sample Prompt:

  • "Translate 'She loves traveling' into Spanish 3 ways, then analyze and choose the most accurate"

5. Complexity-Based Prompting

How It Works: Get nuanced, multi-faceted responses.

Real-World Example: My Spotifybot makes personalized playlists with songs tailored to my ever-changing moods.

Sample Prompt:

  • "Suggest a dinner playlist with happy folk songs, somber jazz, and peaceful classical"

6. Self-Refine

How It Works: Have bots critique and improve their own work.

Real-World Example: I had an AI write a website bio of me, critique its tone/content, and refine it. Work smarter not harder!

Sample Prompt:

  • "Write a professional LinkedIn summary for me, then give feedback on how to improve it"


Now It's Your Turn to Chat with Bots

There you have my best tips for prompt engineering!

With time and practice, you'll be able to effortlessly chat about complex topics with AI. Try incorporating one of these techniques next time you ask chatGPT for help. Share your victories with us on @Pezzo.ai.

Now get out there and show those bots who's boss with your new conversation skills!

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